Others - SigFig Trips

I had an idea when I came back into building Lego that, instead of taking pictures of me when going somewhere, I'll just take a picture of my Sig-Fig
( A figurine we usually uses as a "signature", a fig we can use to represent ourselves).
So my Sig-fig now just stand in a pocket of my camera's bag, and whenever I'm in the mood, I take a picture of it.

For now, it has been photographied in:
-Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, Gruyère, Le Bouveret )
-France ( Marseille and around, Somewhere near Avignon, Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux, Cité de l'espace(Toulouse) )
- the U.K ( London )

Here's the sigfig, look for it in the images, it's on every photos, but it's sometime quite hard to find.

click on the galleries below to see the pictures.



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