Lego - Shiptember 2014

My goal this year was to make something I wanted to make, to not CARE about anything but my own taste. So here is the result.


-5 detachable Containers
-Working crane
-Detailed interior with airlock.
-Space Scooter
-shitload of details


Humanity has entirely conquered the solar system, colonized Mars and put orbital stations on every planets.

And it's all thanks to this kind of truck. This truck can go to the edge of the solar system in less than one year, with only 1 fuel stop (unless you replace one of the container by an extra fuel tank). It's very versatile, as example, you can replace the containers by living arrangments to transport peoples, or by a maintenance array to repair satellites or broken spaceships.

It carry a crane and a low gravity manoeuvring scooter, which means it doesn't need any installation to deliver it cargo.

It only weak point is that it can't land on normal gravity situation (1g), so the space station have to disable their hangar's artificial gravity before each landing, or at least reduce it to 0.2g.But once landed, it can support the normal gravity without breaking, hence the 4 big sturdy legs.

For the details, clic on this picture.

Video :



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