Lego - Shiptember 2013

 A ship I made  on Flickr for the "Shiptember" contest in 2013. I mixxed it with Novvember because inception.

"N-Class A.04 "school carrier"
Length : 1.1 km
Weapons : none
Crew : 400 + 500 students.
Propulsion : huge main thruster sufficient for  it cruising speed, 4Rocket thrusters for an emergency boost, 2 additionnal thrusters mainly used for agility, afterburner system for all of them. with all of them at full thrust, it can maintain a speed of more than 1km/s for several hours.
Jump drive: internal Jump system, allowing it to jump to a distance of 100 LY max.
Features : 3 docks for cruisers, huge hangar for 5 to 10 frigates, maintenance bay, An agile arm with a claw to recover wrecks.

This carrier is an old class exploration carrier converted into a Flying Academy.
It's the most prestigious academy of the federation and a very expensive one, with only 500 students living there 8 months a year, really exploring the galaxy while studying.

It's equipped  with 3 cruiser sizes ship that can dock on it side;
The yellow one is the Transport ship of the school, nicknamed the "Yellow bus". It can carry up to 600 people + supplies.
The blue one is a recon cruiser, unarmed but very hard to detect as it carry a camouflage module and it's equipped with a lot of different sensors.
The red one is a Battle Cruiser, Not a very well armored ship but very fast and agile, and equipped with 4 deadly triple-canon turrets and a big railgun on it center, wich can only fire straight forward but can deal a lot of damage.

In addition to these 3 cruisers it carry 5 frigate, 2 yellow bombers and 3 battle frigates (not all of these are on the picture)

The carrier itself isn't armed and only one of it side is armored, so in case of battle it commander have to be very skilled to keep it under fire from the right side at any moment.
For that it can rely on it 2 wing thrusters wich help it be the most agile ship of this size. plus in battle condition it 1km/s top speed also makes it one of the fastest. "



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