Lego - T.I.M.O 2

After building TIMO and ATAR . I  wanted to improve in my 4 legged mecha building. So I did. So I remade The Incredible Moving Observatory, but bigger, better, faster, more solid.

Description : "This Moving steam powered observatory is the poperty of Sir Mornindam, a lonely astronome..After his first T.I.M.O broke down during a trip to the north, he built a new bigger, better one with a much bigger telescope. It's a fully self-sufficient machine designed to bring our scientist anywhere in the world to observe stars from different places on the planet, this new version has been designed to be used even in the most hostile environment "

I showcased it during Swissbriques 2012 and it ran almost smoothly for an entire day.

and here's the video:



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