Lego - Santa's Little Helper

I'm actually playing a Shadowrun campaign (tabletop)with some friend, and my character in it is a "drone rigger" who loves mechanics and vehicles. In this cyberpunk worlds he bought a Ship and modified it to be able to fight back or runaway during difficult situation, which there are a lot in this game.

The rule-book description of the model I chose was: "This high-power patrol boat is lightly armored and comes equipped with two pintle-style weapon mounts (capable of mounting LMGs or smaller weapons) and a sophisticated sensor suite"
It's supposed to be 32Mr long ( body characteristic x2 ). So here I imagined it like this, basing myself on a 35m long Iraqi patrol boat. ( Swiftships Model 35PB1208 E-1455 )

Here's a list of what my character added to it : (non-exhaustive :D )
-Large Drone bay with 2 large aerial drones inside. a blimp and a reconplane.
-Signature Masking to avoid radar
-Chameleon coating. allow me to change it looks.
-Counter Measure x6
-Underwater drone bay, complete with 2 small underwater exploration drones.
-A drone rigging, allowing myself to control it remotely (useful :D) for the experts : of course I put a Firewall and a good IC on it :P
-Concealed armor
-Life support (air filter and shit)
- Launch Drone Bay , with 10 Ares Heimdall wich are missiles drones. (yeah the moc only show 6, but 10 with lego parts looked to big.)
- A .50 machine gun
-A shitload of sensors and a satcom.
-pimped interior, because pimp my ride.
He also replaced the lifeboat by a Mostrans KVP27T , wich is an amphibious truck. itself heavily equiped.

The green orc I put on it is here for the scale, imagine this dude is 2m tall.
The first pictures are the mods and the truck.



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